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Principal Investigator.  Andrew Canessa is an anthropologist from the University of Essex and Director of the Centre for Latin American Studies there.  Andrew was born in Gibraltar but has spent most of his career working on identity and language with indigenous communities in Latin America.  He has responsibility for the overall management and delivery of the project but is also conducting a substantial number of interviews himself.  He has primary responsibility for the research and outputs which will be co-authored with Jennifer Ballantine.   Andrew Canessa’s webpage


JenniferProject Partner.  Jennifer Ballantine Perera is the Director of the Gibraltar Garrison Library.  Jennifer holds a PhD in Postcolonial Studies from the University of Kent and was the Research Associate on the AHRC funded project ‘Gibraltar Community and Identity’ (2003 – 2006).  Her research over these last ten years has been concerned with questions of culture and identity in  Gibraltar.  Jennifer is responsible for the day to day management of the project but is conducting a significant number of interviews herself.



4564Senior Research Officer.  
Giacomo Orsini is a lecturer on international migration at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, a Ph. D. candidate of the Department of Sociology of the University of Essex and a visiting researcher at the Institute for European Studies of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.  With a focus on the most empirical outcomes of European integration, he has conducted much fieldwork research along the European external border in Melilla, Malta, Lampedusa and Fuerteventura.


LuisSenior Research Officer.
  Luis G. Martínez del Campo holds a Ph. D. in History from the University of Zaragoza.  He is a specialist in British-Spanish cultural relations and author of two books: La formación del gentleman español. Las Residencias de Estudiantes en España, 1910–1936, (Zaragoza: IFC, 2012), and Cultural Diplomacy. A Hundred Years of the British-Spanish Society (Liverpool: LUP, 2015).  He has also researched the history of Spanish language teaching in England in the early twentieth century, and his last work on this particular topic was awarded the Vivien Law Prize by the Henry Sweet Society. In 2015, he worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Concpeción (Chile). Since January 2016, he has been working for Bordering on Britishness. Among his tasks as a Senior Research Officer, we should point out the following ones: carrying out qualitative data analysis (coding interviews), coordinating with research associates, liaising with project partners, conducting interviews in English and Spanish with people from different backgrounds, organising the project’s final conference, undertaking project administration tasks, managing the project’s website and social media profiles, and writing four papers for peer-reviewed journals.



Melissa_MoyerProject Consultant.  Melissa Moyer is a linguist and Profesora Titular in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.  She specialises in bilingualism and methods of bilingual interviewing.  She has been involved in the training of the Research Associates in the techniques of bilingual interviewing and consults on linguistic issues more generally.



Paul_ThompsonProject Consultant.  Paul Thompson is Professor Emeritus in Sociology at the University of Essex and a Research Fellow at the Young Foundation.  He is Founder-Editor of Oral History and Founder of the National Life Story Collection at the British Library.  He is a pioneer of oral history in Europe and author of the international classic The Voice of the Past.  His other books include The Edwardians and Living the Fishing.  He is co-author of Pathways to Social Class and Growing Up in Stepfamilies, and most recently, Jamaican Hands Across the Atlantic.



LorenaZambranoProject Data Manager
.  Lorena Zambrano Barrera is in charge of the project data management. She works with the digital material following preservation standards before the data is deposited at the UK Data Archive. Although Lorena is a data management specialist, she got a mix of academic backgrounds in film studies, languages and sociology. Her experience in the management of qualitative datasets comes from her years of work at the UK Data Archive. She became specialised in digital preservation as a key part of her day-to-day working life. She worked with one of the largest oral history project in the UK, ‘The Edwardians’— a collection of over 453 interviews conducted by Professor Paul Thompson—, among other important projects.



Estrella_BlancoResearch Associate.  Estrella Blanco López is a Spanish journalist who lives in La Línea, at the Spanish side of the border with Gibraltar.  She studied journalism at Seville University and speaks fluent English and Spanish.  She is working in a regional newspaper writing about La Línea and San Roque.  She also collaborates with the Andalusian culture website “El Secreto del Olivo“.



Research Associate.  RonnieRonnie Alecio holds a BA in Religious Studies from the University of Kent and as part of his degree produced a dissertation on the development of European antisemitism from the early medieval to early modern periods.  In 2015, he completed his MA with a thesis that explored modern technology and its relation to ideas of the self and identity.  He is the founder of Understanding Gibraltar, a Think Tank that seeks to investigate, question and promote discussions around ideas of religious tolerance in Gibraltar.  Most recently he worked in communications for the Public Religion Research Institute in Washington D. C. (2015).



Research Associate.  Robert Anes read Economics and Sociology at the University of Surrey and as part of his degree produced a dissertation on nationalism in Gibraltar.  He is fluent in both English and Spanish and currently works as a senior manager in a leading fiduciary services provider in Gibraltar.





Research Associate.  Joshua Marrache was born in Gibraltar, but he studied at Clifton College, Bristol (UK) and at the Instituto Nacional de San Roque, Cádiz (Spain).  Later, he joined the North East London Polytechnic, renamed as the University of East London. Around twenty years ago, Joshua started sociological research on the history of the Gibraltar population -especially the Jewish community.  He has also assisted other researchers and historians on matters that might have been of interest to them. He is the author of The Flemish Synagogue of Gibraltar: Kahal Kadosh Nefusot Yehudah (Gibraltar, Gibraltar Books, 2000).  His current research interest is the evolution of law in Gibraltar, from 1730 to 1831.


Burgos Photo

Research Associate.  Joseph F. García was educated at Loreto Convent school and Christian Brothers school (Gibraltar).  Then, he went to Redrice school, Hampshire (UK).  He studied HND Business Studies at College for Distributive Trades, London.  Later, Joseph started his retail career at Harrods and Daks.  After travelling widely through Europe-Australia-New Zealand, Joseph returned to Gibraltar in 1978 to run a family retail business on Main Street until 2012.  Joseph has also completed a BA in Theology at Maryvale via a distance learning course.  He is married with 4 adult children and 4 grandchildren.


fifine copia

Research Associate.  Fifine Cabedo Evans studied Fine Arts in London. She worked as PA to Managing Director at Pan Books, London. She was also PA to Director of Indian & SE Asian Art at Spink & Son Ltd, London. Then, Fifine moved to Hong Kong, where she worked as PA to Consul of Venezuela. She is fluent in both English and Spanish, and currently works conducting interviews and transcribing them.




Research Associate.  Shane Dalmedo is a local artist who has had exhibitions in Gibraltar and abroad. She studied animation in the UK and then worked as a model maker in the film industry. In addition to her art works, she is interested in social history. She has conducted interviews and is also in charge of the artistic side of our project. Further information about her works on





Poonam Chugani



Image Credits:  Gibraltar Leave.  8th May 1954:  A British sailor on shore leave in Gibraltar enjoys a stroll with his girlfriend through a narrow street.  Original Publication:  Picture Post – 7154 – Why We Must Keep Gibraltar – pub. 1954  (Photo by Bert Hardy/Picture Post/Getty Images).